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Safety Tips For Pregnant Drivers

8 Safety Driving Tips for Pregnant Woman | American SPCC

Being pregnant can be an exciting time for new parents, but it also presents unique difficulties. Moms-to-be have much to consider, from managing morning sickness to attending doctor appointments. The most crucial factor to consider is driving a car while pregnant. It’s stressful enough to be a new parent without having to worry about your safety while driving. You can stay secure behind the wheel while pregnant by remembering the following advice:

How To Drive Safely While Pregnant

Here are some recommendations for safe driving while pregnant:

  • Schedule Numerous Breaks

You must prepare for your travels and allow more interval time than usual. Add ten to fifteen minutes for short outings, and for lengthy drives, allow more time. Have a meal before you drive, and always have some snacks on hand.

  • Position Carefully

When you must drive, recline as far back as you can. A minimum of 10 inches should separate your breastbone from the steering wheel. To put your feet closer to the steering wheel, use pedal extenders. Even though it’s only three inches, in an accident, that’s a far distance.

  • Avoid Being Distracted

Many changes are occurring in both your physical and mental health while you are pregnant. Therefore, be careful not to have any additional distractions while driving. Focus on the drive by leaving your smartphone and loudspeaker at home. Of course, you should still follow this advice even if you are not pregnant.

  • Buckle Up

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, pregnant women are advised to use their safety belts properly, with the lap piece “under” their abdomen and over the thighs rather than above the belly.

  • Tummy Shield

Many products on the market promise to increase comfort or safety, but only one has been crash-tested and is designed to divert the seat belt away from the female tummy properly. The Tummy Shield protects the belly from harm caused by the safety belt crossing the pregnancy while holding the woman back precisely the safety belt, according to crash tests.

  • Vehicle Insurance

If something unfortunate happens, having comprehensive motor insurance can assist you in recovering financially. Additionally, to drive on Indian roads, you must have third-party liability insurance at the very least. However, comprehensive insurance offers you more coverage.*

The welfare of your unborn child ought to be your top priority as a new parent. By using these pointers, you can successfully drive while expecting without endangering your own or your unborn child’s health or well-being. Maintain the joy that pregnancy is supposed to bring by always driving safely. It’s essential to have motor insurance to protect yourself and your vehicle in case of an accident.

If you’re travelling by car or bike, allow yourself enough time to reach your destination without rushing; stay away from speeding or following too closely. Knowing that you’re managing your pregnancy as best you can will make you feel better. In case of an accident, you can quickly initiate the motor insurance claim process to cover the repair costs for his vehicle.

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